User instruction

Using NeoMega36® is straightforward and offers flexibility in administration.

NeoMega36® can be administered with ease either orally or through a nasogastric tube, allowing you to choose the method that suits each infant best.

It’s important to note that for optimal storage, the NeoMega36® bottle should be kept in a refrigerator between administrations, maintaining a temperature between 2-8 degrees Celsius. Additionally, once the bottle is opened, it can be safely used for up to one week. This ensures the product’s efficacy and allows for convenient and personalized usage for the well-being of each infant.

1. Oral administration
1. For oral administration, you will require an oral syringe to aspirate.
2. Open the cap and connect an oral syringe* to the bottle. Aspirate the desired volume of the portion (0.4 ml/kg).
3. Give the portion (0.4 ml/kg) in the mouth of the infant.
2. Administration through the nasogastric tube
1. For administration through a nasogastric tube, you will require a feeding syringe and a sampling straw.
2. Open the cap, connect a feeding syringe to a sampling straw**, and put this into the bottle. Aspirate the desired volume of the portion (0.4 ml/kg).
3. Administer the portion (0.4 ml/kg) in the nasogastric feeding tube.

*Oral syringes are specific syringes intended for oral administration. One suitable example is the Exadoral syringe 1 ml provided by B Braun (art nb 4608661)
**Sampling straws for Nutrasafe2 and ENFit syringes are available from Vygon (art nb 817.052 and 817.057, respectively)